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Warm Up on the Go: A Guide to Choosing the Best Travel Mug for Hot Beverages

Warm Up on the Go: A Guide to Choosing the Best Travel Mug for Hot Beverages

At this point, spilling hot coffee on yourself while in the car is basically a stereotype. It’s a common mistake that has spawned numerous lawsuits, countless scenes from screenplays, and no shortage of customer warnings on both coffee lids and coffee cups. Simply put, it is something that happens to every coffee or hot tea drinker.

Fortunately, with a well-designed travel mug fitted for the 21st century, you can rest easy and sip slowly. So, how do you pick the right travel mug for you? If you consider these three things when picking out your new travel mug, you will be well on your way to carrying your coffee everywhere with confidence and ease.

Size. If you want your coffee to be mobile, then the size of your travel mug is an important point to consider. Will the mug fit inside most standard cupholders? Is the mug heavy enough to be a burden while walking, hiking, or biking? Does the mug hold enough coffee or tea to get you through the day? If a travel mug is designed well, it will take all of these travel scenarios into consideration and provide a mug ready to rise to every challenge. Our Roam Travel Mug fits all standard cupholders, can be purchased to carry 16oz or 20oz of liquid and is made from lightweight stainless steel in a variety of colors.

Features. There are many different ways that a good travel mug can make your life easier. It can prevent leaks and spills, keep your beverage hot, provide an easy-to-use lid, and more. Our Roam Travel Mug is 100% leak-proof with an easy no-look lid, and its double-wall insulation will keep hot things hot and cold things cold. On top of that, it can be fitted with a sport top or tea filter to provide extra functionality for water or tea. If you need a travel mug that brews your beverage as well, then try the Brewfish for freshly brewed coffee or loose tea.

Materials. As with all things, the right materials produce a quality product that respects the environment. Our Roam Travel Mug is made to last, meaning daily coffee drinkers can save up to 23 pounds of paper waste per year! What’s more, all of our Roam mugs have a durable powder coating finish, and we only use lightweight stainless steel and a small amount of BPA-free plastic for the lid. If you’re looking to say no to plastic entirely, the EarthLid Tumbler is insulated, leak-tight, and plastic-free!

When it’s time to journey out into the cooler weather, being able to confidently carry your coffee or tea along with you can make all the difference. So, now that you’re looking to score the perfect coffee container for your fall and winter adventures, be sure to consider these three things to find the perfect travel mug for you. With functional design from Highwave, you’re sure to be satisfied with your choice.

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Sep 24, 2019

Please bring back Jomondo! My white one is chipped, my black one got a piece chipped out and is to fragile to travel, my brown one is ok but I set it aside as back up to the back up, I have a couple of white ones with the colored rings around the bottom, but they are just not quite it! (they sit too tall and my hand doesn’t cup the bottom with my thumb through the handle quite right). I would truly loooooove to have the flat black, basic Jomondo travel mug back. I got my first one in 1995 and have never been without one since and I use them pretty much daily. Please bring back at least the flat black and the basic white. I will personally buy a dozen just to be sure I always have one!
Rick in NH
PS I will buy any of these you may have laying around, used or not, especially the flat black.

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