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Parched Pooches: 3 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Hydrated While You Travel

Parched Pooches: 3 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Hydrated While You Travel

When you’re traveling, daily tasks can become a little bit more difficult. When you’re traveling with a pet, keeping your fur baby hydrated shoots to the top of that list. Providing your pet with enough hydration over long stretches of travel is vitally important! However, if you aren’t prepared with the right knowledge and the appropriate tools, then it can also be a much more frustrating and inefficient process than it needs to be.

So, if you’re looking to avoid any parched pooches (or frustrated pooch parents) during your travels, consider these three tips before setting off on your adventure!

  1. Bring the right equipment. Before embarking, you’ll definitely need a container designed for holding your dog’s water. Some containers, such as Highwave’s AutoDogMug, provide many features that make keeping your dog hydrated a much easier task. These features are often included to prevent spills, keep the water cold, and make the container more portable for the road, the trail, or the friendly skies. You can find our newest Leak-Tight version of the AutoDogMug here. For extra long trips, try the 44oz Growler.

  2. Use the right water. When it comes to both you and your dog, not all water is created equal. When you’re traveling on the road, the tap water at convenience stores and small eateries can vary quite a bit in quality, which might upset your dog’s stomach. At the same time, when you’re traveling on the trail, lake water and other natural water sources can contain bacteria that is harmful to your dog’s gut. Fortunately, if you brought the right equipment, you can easily work around this issue. Most high-quality dog hydration equipment, such as our AutoDogMug, can come equipped with a filter for providing dog-worthy water everywhere. You can find our AutoDogMug filters here.

  3. Stop for water often and use trigger phrases. As a general rule, most dogs need one ounce of water per day for each pound of body weight. However, this can be hard to keep track of while traveling, so it’s best to stop for hydration once every 60-90 minutes. When your dog DOES have the opportunity to drink some water, you will want to make sure they take advantage. If you establish a trigger phrase for every time you offer water, such as “are you thirsty?,” then your dog will be much more likely to get straight to the business of staying hydrated. All of this means less time keeping your pup’s thirst quenched and more time on the road or on the trail!

Whether by foot, car, train, or plane, travel can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your dog. At the same time, if you aren’t adequately prepared to stay hydrated, parts of your trip can become frustrating for you and uncomfortable for your pet. If you bring the right equipment, use the right water, and stop often for pit stops, you and your Highwave gear can keep your dog happy and hydrated for the duration of your trip, trek, or train ride!



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