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It’s a Holiday Two-fer!!

It’s a Holiday Two-fer!!

Today is World Bartender’s Day and February 11th marked National Inventors Day. So it got us thinking, “What better way to celebrate these two occasions, than with a cocktail recipe that only someone with an inventor’s genius could have created?” It's with this in mind that Highwave presents you a drink so smart and so smooth, it may make even 007 re-think his bar order. Grab your La Martini Glass, and get ready for…The Ten Minute Martini.

What you’ll need:

2 1/4 ounces of gin

½ ounce of dry vermouth

2 Picholine olives

Lemon twist


Cocktail Shaker

How to make it

01 Fill a shaker with ice

02 Add gin and vermouth (do not shake)

03 Bury shaker in the freezer (or a bucket of ice) for exactly 10 minutes

04 Strain into a martini glass

05 Garnish with olives and lemon twist

How it Works (Science!!)

If you followed the directions above, then right now you’re thinking, “This is the best martini I’ve ever had, but how was it so perfectly blended, without being shaken OR stirred?” It’s all about fluid dynamics, or convection. When you bury a shaker filled with ice, gin, and vermouth, and leave it on its own, some of the same laws and principles that apply to ocean currents are at work. The molecules of alcohol sink in suspension as they chill, displacing the molecules below. This convection creates a very slow stirring, or as I like to say after a couple, “This thing darn near makes itself!”



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