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Celebrate Earth Day with Highwave!

Celebrate Earth Day with Highwave!

Sunday, April 22nd marks the 48th anniversary of Earth Day, a global event to promote environmental protection. Senator Gaylord Nelson, who hoped to bring awareness to pollution in order to bring environmental causes into the national spotlight, founded it in 1970 as a national “teach in” on the environment. Since its humble beginnings on college campuses in the US, Earth Day has grown to be the largest secular event in the world, with more than one BILLION people taking part in Earth Day activities. Not sure how to get involved in showing our planet some love? Read on as we share some of our favorite ways…

Start a day early. April 21st begins National Park Week so admission to all of our country’s national parks, is free that day! There are over 400 to choose from and we think that spending the day “Keeping America Beautiful” is a wonderful way to celebrate. Grab your friends and some bags and hit the trails for litter patrol. Not only will you help the park look better, you’ll aid in protecting both terrestrial and aquatic habitats by making them cleaner, healthier environments.

Clean your local beach (or river, lake, stream). More than 8 MILLION tons of plastic are dumped into Earth’s oceans each year, which we now know results in micro-plastics finding their way into our food and water supply. Plastic bottles, bags, lids, straws, wrappers, and take-out containers make up 85% of our waste stream. It kills animals and fouls our beaches and waterways. So, slather on some sunscreen, grab something to gather trash in, and go save the whales (literally).

There’s no place like home (to compost). Did you know that nearly half of what Americans throw away can be composted? Composting protects air, water, and soil quality, and keeps millions of tons of garbage out of landfills. Organic waste in landfills produces methane gas as it decomposes, which is 70 times more effective at trapping radiant heat than carbon dioxide. As a result, landfills now rank third as the largest source of greenhouse gases in the US. When you compost your food and yard waste, you’ll reduce what you send to the landfill every week, and have everything you need to revitalize your home turf.

Carry your own cup (or bottle). We are reuse pioneers and therefore all about eliminating single use products. With Americans throwing away 25 BILLION coffee cups per year and 2.5 MILLION plastic beverage bottles EVERY HOUR, carrying your own cup or bottle, is one of the easiest ways we know to show your love to Mama Earth 365 days a year. Doing so will reduce your carbon footprint, and create less waste to end up in the parks and beaches mentioned above. Make the switch today with Highwave’s award winning products, and we’ll automatically enter you in our Earth Day Giveaway!





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Apr 23, 2018

Great post! I had no idea composting could make such a difference. Thank for the tips.

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