The perfect gift for your eco-conscious friend or family member! The Earthlid® fits on a paper coffee cup to eliminate one plastic lid for every coffee you drink! The Earthlid is made from BPA free silicon & works on most cups with a lip. The lid comes with a microfiber bag to store in when not in use. 

During the pandemic it is important to be as sanitary as possible. Currently, most baristas at coffee shops are wearing gloves while working, and bringing your own lid helps control what touches the drink hole before you take your first sip. Even when baristas wear gloves, it is uncertain what else they have touched like money, counter tops, or door knobs.

Earthlid® FAQs

How it works: Just place the lid on your cup, sip, & go. 

  • Made with food safe European grade BPA-free silicone
  • Comes in 1 color: blue
  • Earthlid® is designed for 12oz, 16oz, and 22oz paper coffee cups. Most paper cups are around 90 mm (3 1/2") rims. Earthlid® works on 87- 93 mm rim
  • *This version does not have a strap. Click here to see the Leak-Tight version with a strap

The  Earthlid® fits on these Highwave glasses:

Insulated TumblerBrewfish (takeout size-14oz)Bigfish Double Wall Diner MugBeershot Light, & Eurojo Cappuccino.

What is the best way to add the lid?

 -Place a paper cup on a flat surface. Place the palm of your hand over the vent side and add Earthlid® on the rim of the cup.  Now, move the lid slowly forward to stretch it over the rim. Make sure the entire lid is secured on the rim of the cup. Baristas can use this method to avoid touching the drink side if adding it on a cup for a customer. Use with caution as coffee can be HOT as warned on the lid.

*Two humans using Earthlid® daily will eliminate around 700 toxic lids in one year. Fits on most paper coffee cups & regular size soda cups to help eliminate straws in the Ocean.