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Dog Food Lagoon

Dog Food Lagoon

Dog Food Lagoon


Raise your best friend’s dining experience with Highwave’s Dog Food Lagoon! A porcelain lagoon holds your pet’s water, creating a moat around the included food bowl, which keeps insects out. The bamboo riser increases elevation for taller dogs, and takes up less floor space. Choose either small, or large food bowl when ordering. Also works for cats!

  • Lead Free Porcelain
  • Keeps insects out of food
  • Elevated eating for taller pets
  • Includes Lagoon, Bowl, and Bamboo Stand
  • Water Bowl: 72 ounces || 2 3/4" tall
  • Large Food Bowl: 32 ounces || 7" diameter & 3.5" tall
  • Small Food Bowl: 16 ounces || 5" diameter & 3" tall

Best For: Acupuncturists, Editors, Feng Shui Consultants
Specs: Porcelain, bamboo
Care: Lagoon and Bowl are Dishwasher safe. Wipe Bamboo with Damp Cloth