We know that what we do proves what we believe. That’s why when we’re not inventing the next big thing in fluid design; we’re working diligently to perfect a new, cleaner source of energy.

Our investigations began over 30 years ago, in search of a sustainable artificial surfing reef design that respected all oceans inhabits. Our goal was an environmentally sound solution to bring back the surfing waves and sandy beach that were lost by human development.

The Highwave design has important benefits; one is naturally dispersing the wave energy further offshore and away from the shoreline thus protecting it by lowering or eliminating excessive erosive energy and to encourage sand accretion.

Recent studies have now shown that fringing reefs in Polynesia are key to the quiet lagoons. The reefs remove up to 97% of the incoming energy resulting in non-receding shorelines.

We believe this technology will be a key tool in solving global erosion problems.  In addition to protecting the shoreline, the patented technology is also an ideal platform for wave energy harvest.  The energy is amplified and focused on the reef that can be assembled in a harbor and installed in the ocean in just days. The reef design will trap sand in its structure to become the mass of a shoaling reef that will dissipate energy offshore and result in a growing healthy beach.

Our current reef design was discovered in the early 90’s at Scripps Institute of Oceanography (SIO), and the energy component is now also being tested at Scripps.

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