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Theresa + Ally

This month’s Good Dog hails from New Jersey near the US epicenter of the
Coronavirus pandemic. Ally was found abandoned in a South Carolina ditch at 5
weeks old. She was so covered in fire ants and fleas that the woman who found her
was unsure she would survive. But survive she did and with the love and care of her
rescuer, soon she was healed enough to be placed for adoption. Things seemed to be looking up when Ally was taken in by a family from New Jersey. Unfortunately, three weeks later they had already surrendered her to their local shelter. There she sat for four months until a friend sent Theresa, Ally’s picture. We loved hearing this healing story, and hope you will too.

Thanks so much for talking to us today, Theresa! Tell us, where did you go to adopt your dog, and how long have you known one another?

I adopted Ally through a rescue a friend and co-worker of mine volunteers at. I met
Ally for the first time on March 16, 2020 and she came home to us on March 27 th .
She is our Official Pandemic Puppy.

Great Idea! I mean, who better to quarantine with than a cute pup? What made you choose her over the other animals you met?

Truth be told I had applied for a brother and sister Cane Corsos through another
rescue in early March since that is what I previously had and loved the breed. (Don’t
tell Ally) They were both placed in homes and I took this as a sign that it wasn’t
time for me to adopt yet, having only lost my Liberty in late January. The next day
my friend said, “Let me send you this cutie’s picture”… and that was it. Her
personality shone through the photo and I knew I had to meet her.

So sweet. I can see that bright light, just looking at the images you shared. What
breed is she?

Ally is a good old-fashioned American Mutt – from South Carolina originally, she is
mostly Lab mixed with Coon Hound, Beagle, Bassett Hound, Rhodesian Ridgeback
and a teeny bit Chow-Chow (those ears)!!

I love mutts! Tell us about her name, why Ally?

Her original name given to her by the wonderful woman that rescued her, was
Alina. Depending on which definition you use Alina means – “little and noble”
(German), “beautiful” (Polish) and “illustrious” (Arabic). Regardless which you pick,
she fits each description. While at the rescue here in NJ they abbreviated it on
occasion to Ally. It just stuck and its short and quirky and cute, just like her.
It fits her for sure.

How were her first few days home? Any surprises?

Ally has been the perfect puppy from day 1. No surprises, very few accidents (2)
and only one small couch section chewed (time for a new one anyway). We got very
lucky with this girl.

That’s a wonderful surprise! What are your favorite things to do together?

Ally LOVES playing in the yard. Actually any outside activity suits her- playing
frisbee, lying in the hammock, digging holes (GURRRR). She has plenty of room to
run and she absolutely loves our daily walks. Given that we are still on lockdown
here in NJ, our trails and hiking adventures have been put on hold but very soon Ally will get to experience the trails, the beach and Jersey Shore water life.

I’ll bet you can’t wait to get out with her. Does she know any tricks?

Ally is an AKC Certified Puppy Training STAR. (No kidding it’s a real thing – she has
a certificate and a medal). She knows her sit, stay, lay, paw, down and up. She also
knows the sound of the ice machine from across the house and turns on the charm
for her piece.

Funny how quickly THEY train US! What makes Ally so special to you?

What DOESN’T make her special? She is adorable and sweet and came into our liveswhen our hearts were so very broken from the loss of our last girl – our 11-year-old Cane Corso-Liberty. Anyone that can mend a broken heart and make us smile again is a keeper in our book.

I’m convinced that dogs are angels in fur coats. Any advice for folks looking to add a dog to the family?

First – ADOPT don’t SHOP. There are so many great animals that need good
homes. Not being purebred doesn’t make them bad or unworthy and having been
given up on by someone else doesn’t make them broken. Secondly, take your time
finding your friend. A puppy isn’t for everyone, an older dog may be a better fit and
be open to all breeds. Meet them first, let them learn to trust you and be patient.
They are scared…try to put yourself in their shoes. Lastly just LOVE them – they will
reward you for years with the most amazing devotion you will ever know!!

I couldn’t agree more with your “adopt don’t shop” attitude. Rescue pups are the best. Last question: If Ally had a superpower, what would it be?

FLYING…definitely FLYING….I don’t think I’ve seen her “walk” down steps yet, she
just LEAPS!!! All she needs is a cape!



Sep 10, 2020

thats my ally!!! (I’m Theresa’s son)

Sep 10, 2020

Wow! What a heartwarming story! So many, many pets – cats, dogs, rabbits, and more – need our help, our love.

I agree 100% – always adopt, never shop! Saving a pet from a rescue shelter is such a noble thing to do. Hats off to you guys @Highwave for bringing such great stories to us all.

Loved it!

Sep 10, 2020

This update is wonderful. The Volunteer Auxiliary for Animal Shelters had this little one. It is amazing how that right family comes into a pups life at just the right time. Ali is a special girl.

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