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There’s Always Time for Tea with Highwave

There’s Always Time for Tea with Highwave

If you’ve ever studied diet and nutrition, then you probably know about the wonderful things that drinking green tea can do for your overall health. Aside from water, green tea may be the healthiest beverage on the planet. It’s been shown to lower the risk of cancer, promote cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation, and increase bone density, to name a few of its benefits. That’s why Highwave has gone to great lengths to bring you the best ways to brew and enjoy these miraculous leaves. Read on to discover more…

 Steep, Enjoy, Repeat

If bagged tea is your go to, our reTea mug will be your new favorite! Its rounded stoneware body is built for comfort, and the handle has the perfect spot for your bag to rest before it’s next swim (or two!).


Take your Tea and Leaf

Our TEAmo XL Travel Mug has all the great features of our award winning JOEmo line PLUS a generously sized stainless steel fine mesh basket, which allows you to brew even loose tea, right in the mug! Its double-wall stainless, vacuum body will keep your drink hot for up to 12 hours, or cold for up to 24.

Swim with the Fish

Our patented BrewFish presses, brew the best cup of coffee (hands down), but did you know that they also perfectly brew tea? Highwave’s BrewFish and BigFish presses allow for full infusion of tea. Why is this important? Because the more water that your tea comes into contact with, the better it tastes and the more nutrients it contains. Both Fish feature a drink-thru micro-mesh screen, in a patented filter that stops the brewing process and traps even the finest tea leaves. This virtually eliminates the bitterness and sediment that can accompany other methods of brewing. They're handcrafted from non-porous borosilicate glass, with a double-wall body and a single-wall drinking lip for comfort. Brew and drink, right from the same mug!


Did you know that January is National Hot Tea Month? See more great tea products here.


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