It’s International Beer Day!

It’s International Beer Day!!

International Beer Day falls annually on the first Friday in August. Founded in Santa Cruz California in 2008, IBD has grown from a small local event, to one that’s celebrated by beer lovers in more than 200 countries. Originally it was meant to be a day to gather with friends and enjoy a brew. Today, it celebrates the folks responsible for producing and serving it, so wherever you imbibe don’t forget to raise a toast to your favorite brewers and bartenders. Celebrating at home? Here’s a list of our favorite California born beers, paired with our favorite California born glasses, for this hoppy California born holiday…

  • Irish Beer: This double-wall wonder, holds 12 ounces in a comfortable pilsner shape, with plenty of room for that thick creamy head.

Pair it with: Northcoast Brewing Co. Old Rasputin, Russian Imperial Stout

Barrel aged, creamy, hoppy, citrusy, perfect.

  • Lunagloww: Sporting double walls, in our favorite pilsner shape, the Lunagloww holds 15 ounces of brew, at the perfect temperature, no sweat!

Pair it with: Madewest Brewing Company, Madewest IPA

Goodness from our local brewery. Complex fruity bouquet, malty, light, dry finish.

  • Good Idea- This glass scores extra points for style, and for keeping 15 ounces of beer frosty, no matter how hot your hand is.


Pair it with: Refuge Brewery, Blood Orange Wit

Blood orange citrus hit on the nose, Belgian yeast, light refreshing taste.

  • joBeer- Adventurous much? Here’s the only beer holder you need, no matter where you wander. Holds 18 ounces and has a freezable base, for beer that actually gets colder as you drink!!


Pair it with: Ballast Point, Grapefruit Sculpin

Ballast’s signature IPA with the tart freshness of grapefruit added. They say this easy drinking ale tastes like summer. We tend to agree.


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