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Griffin + Whiskey

Griffin + Whiskey

Welcome to our inaugural “Good Dog” post. This is the place we’ll be celebrating the relationships between humans and their beloved canine companions. This month we’re talking to Highwave’s own Griffin Ross about how he found his best friend Whiskey at a shelter in Los Angeles. Nearly 8 million companion animals enter shelters each year. A third of those are euthanized. It’s our hope that this interview will encourage people looking for a dog (or cat), to open their hearts and homes to an animal in need.


Hi Griffin, and thanks for taking the time to tell us about this handsome guy! Where did you meet him, and how long have you known one another?

I adopted Whiskey at the LA East Valley Animal Shelter in February of 2014.


So you guys are nearing your 6-year anniversary, congrats! What made you choose him over the other animals you met?

When we were at the shelter, one of the volunteers asked if he could show us Whiskey after we told him that we were looking for a shepherd mix. When we first walked by his pen, he was very scared and didn’t seem like a friendly dog. We decided to at least see how it went in the interaction pen before we totally wrote him off. When we got in the pen with him, he didn’t take any treats, he didn’t play with any toys, he just came up to us and leaned up against us and didn’t move. The poor guy was just so scared and at that moment it was too much for my heart to handle and I couldn’t leave without him.


Oh gosh, that would have done it for me too! What breed is he?

We think he is a Golden Retriever / German Shepherd mix


Tell us about his name, why Whiskey?

When we were looking at dogs online browsing around, we came across another dog with the name Whiskey and we just thought it was a good name for a dog. His shelter given name was actually Henry but the name Whiskey seemed to fit him better so we gave him that name instead.


His name suits him perfectly. How were his first few days home? Any surprises?

Well to be honest, there were about 6 months of surprises haha! But to give you an idea, the very first night he chewed up 2 pairs of shoes, a remote, a tissue box, and my backpack all while we were sleeping. So it was definitely a bumpy start but we stuck through it and it was very much worth it.


Sounds like he was surprised by his new surroundings! Now that you’re well past the bumpy bits, what are your favorite things to do together?

Besides playing fetch and hunting lizards in the back yard, he is actually a great cuddler. I love lying on the couch with him because I can tell he enjoys it so much also.


Cuddly pups are the best! Does he know any tricks?

Yes! He can, sit, shake, high-five (even if he has to stand up for it), lie down, and roll over. He will also go right to his bed when you tell him to.


What makes Whiskey so special to you?

There are countless things that makes him so special. We went through a lot in the beginning, but it was all worth it to see a once scared and unsocial dog become such a warmhearted loving member of our family.


They’re always worth it. Any advice for someone looking to add a dog to their family?

Be patient and have fun with them! There will probably be many ups and downs but the more you try to enjoy every moment with them, the better it will be.


Last question, if Whiskey had a superpower, what would it be?

He is very attached to me so I think if he got to choose any power it would be for him to know where I am and teleport to me wherever I am. But I guess if he had that power he would probably never be away from me ever. #adoptdontshop




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Nov 11, 2019

Love your story Griffin (you look so much like your mom BTW….) and love Whiskey! Let us know if you are taking applicants for your next Good Dog post. We have a (non-rescue, sorry) Samoyed and he loves drinking from his auto dog bottle. Great product – I miss repping for High Wave!!

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