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Feliz Navidog

Feliz Navidog

This month’s “Good Dog” story comes from two of the SUPER good humans we know. Ron Davis and his partner Jamie Campbell found the newest members of their family, while in Baja California a little over a year ago. Though they weren’t looking to add more animals to their lives at the time, the universe had a whole different plan waiting for them across the border.

Hi Jamie, and thanks so much for speaking with us today. Tell us about your two newest pack members. Where were they when you met them, and what was that first encounter like?

So our two newest pups are Wendy and Beethoven. We first saw them on a back lot in the Baja desert. They were drinking dirty dishwater and we believe they were hunting rabbits to survive. We began feeding them and bringing them water everyday. Eventually another couple started helping to feed them when we were out of town.

Lucky pups to be found by you! How long did you feed them before you ended up taking them in? This went on for a few months. That other couple I spoke of ended up sponsoring the first spay and neuter clinic for the town. Unfortunately for Wendy and Beethoven we were up in the States when they were there, so they missed out. By the time we got back we found out Wendy was already pregnant. 

Oh no! Puppies?

So there was poor sweet Wendy with her older son Beethoven and 8 newborn babies just lying there in the dirt trying to survive the Baja elements. I was still up in the states when Ron found them all. He’s not the kind of guy to just leave them (or any animal for that matter) to die like that. So off they all went, Wendy, Beethoven, and 8 days old babies. 

What did Ron do next?

He brought them all home and turned our outdoor shower room into a nursery. Wendy took care of the babies, Beethoven watched over Wendy, and Ron took care of everyone. Mind you we still had our own animals to tend to also, a rapidly aging bulldog, a 19-year-old cat, and a dog he found in the road years ago.

Wow, that’s a lot for one human to handle. When did the decision to make Wendy and her boy a permanent addition happen? Fast-forward a couple of months and come heck or high water Ron found every one of those puppies a home AND got Wendy and Beethoven fixed! By now our bulldog Sully had passed away and Wendy and Beethoven had pretty much adopted us, whether we agreed to it or not haha. 

Sorry you lost Sully. How are Wendy and Beethoven adjusting to their new life?

Now they’re both doing amazing. They are the perfect protectors and they even learned to surf from Sully before he passed. Ron brought them up to the states for the first time not long ago. You can imagine that road trip! But they really did awesome. It was their first time on a leash or seeing a sidewalk, and they did amazingly well. They are a true Cinderella story. 

Such a great story. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Anything you want to say to folks thinking about adding an animal to their life?

Our advice is to really think about if you’re ready for a 10-15 year commitment, not a 10-15 day play date! Especially at this time of year, people gift or get puppies, only to find they can’t deal with the responsibility and end up “surrendering” them. It’s awful! And these poor animals deserve so much better! 

We couldn’t agree more with that sentiment. You can follow Wendy and Beethoven’s journey @beachbarks




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