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Roam 360° Top

Roam 360° Top

Roam 360° Top


Our patented, no-look open and close, 360° drink from anywhere top, is a perfect fit for any of our stainless, vacuum mugs. No more searching for an opening in the lid, or fumbling to close it, which makes for a safer commute

Replacement top and final lid. 

This top will fit the following:





JOEmo Tea




To Disassemble Top:

1.Take the drink top off and place in your hand, push the button to the open position.

2.Push the very bottom of the drink valve with the palm of your hand upward; the push plate on the top will disengage with a snap

3.At this condition hand cleaning of all top components can be done.

To Reassemble Top:

 1.Put the button back in the top plate and hold with plate upside down so the button does not fall out, take a breath.

2. Now turn the larger drink top upside down also and locate and easily place the button/plate assembly in the top while it’s upside down, you can do this!

3.Turn it all back over all together, the internal gears must line up properly and half or most of the time they will naturally. 

4. If the plate and button are now generally flat at the same level ONLY, push down on the push plate firmly with both thumbs and the assembly may snap together (it it does not, don’t panic or cuss, rotate upside down and try again), if the button is much lower, do not try to assemble, turn over and rotate and re-try. Test by pushing the button, if OK you are done, have coffee go back to work or play.