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The Plastic Problem

Every day millions of plastic products are landing in our oceans.
We need your help reducing & reusing.

Our Heart is with the Ocean

Highwave is committed to help reduce single-use plastics by creating products that can be reused every single day.

Giving Back

Since 2020 Highwave has committed to giving 1% of every sale back to organizations that help heal our environment.
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Heal The Ocean

Highwave supports companies that focus on waste water infrastructure: sewers and septic systems- as well as ocean dumping practices that have contributed to ocean pollution.

Reusable Products


Everyone is talking about the harmful effects of the single-use cup, but no one is talking about the lid. We designed the Earthlid to eliminate the polystyrene coffee lid that is on to go cups. Most coffee shops use a polystyrene lid and some don't even know the harmful effects this not-so-innocent lid causes the environment & the human body.
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Reduce & Reuse

25 billion polystyrene coffee lids landed in oceans & landfills last year in the USA.
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AutoDogMug Leak-Tight

This reusable water bottle for dogs is designed to help save water when on a walk, hike, or in the car. The bottle is made from BPA free plastic, holds 22 ounces, and fits in your car cup holder. Instead of filling a bowl for your dog to drink and dumping out the excess water, we have designed a patented bottle where the bowl fills with water for your furry friend to drink, then the excess water drains back into the bottle not wasting a drop.
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Roam Travel Mug

Travel mugs are a great alternative to single-use cups. Our Roam comes in 16oz or 20oz and is made of BPA free stainless steel, which is better for you & the environment. Switching from using a single-use cup a day to a reusable travel mug can save up to 23lbs of waste per year per person
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