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As a company, we strive to create simple, innovative solutions to life's everyday obstacles and annoyances. We know that nobody has time to worry about spilled coffee, warm beer, or a thirsty pet. Let our elegant designs solve those problems, so you can focus on what really matters!


Highwave is founded by Gary Ross in Southern California.


A Timeless, Wide-Based Ceramic Travel Mug


Highwave creates and patents the Hotjo®, the first travel mug with a lid.

PROBLEM: Before the Hotjo®, finding a travel mug that could actually keep a lid on its hot or cold contents was basically impossible. In those days, your average glass or mug could and would slide around on all manner of surfaces, making it a much-less-than-portable solution.

INNOVATION: Then, the Hotjo® completely changed the game with a drink-thru lid and a wide, skid-free base that created a completely stable ceramic mug for carrying your hot or cold beverages. Its classic design comes in six striking colors and is completely dishwasher-safe.


The Original Brew-and-Go Solution


Highwave designs and patents the first all-in-one brewing and drinking system, the Brewfish™️.

PROBLEM: Whether you’re rushing out the door or already out and about, brewing your coffee or tea can become a real hassle. It takes time and extra tools, both of which can be a problem if you’re short on either time or space—or both.

INNOVATION: The Brewfish™️ seals your grounds away from the water at the touch of a button, stopping the brewing process and allowing you to enjoy your coffee or tea at your leisure. There are no extra cups or implements needed—just the Brewfish™️ and the desire for rich coffee and hot tea whenever and wherever!

The JOEmo®

Truly Perfected Portable Drinking


Highwave creates and patents the first stainless steel travel mug, the JOEmo®.

PROBLEM: Drinking on-the-go can be full of frustrations, such as keeping things cold, keeping things hot, keeping things from spilling, or even lugging around your mug or bottle, whether it’s full or empty. If you’re looking for versatility, there is no shortage of considerations in finding the perfect vessel for bolting about with your favorite hot and cold beverages.

INNOVATION: The JOEmo®, now known as The Roam, is a collection of all of our drinking innovations in one straightforward and iconic package. The Roam set the standard for stainless steel drinkware, offering something durable and secure, while keeping things lightweight and easy to clean. The Roam’s push-button top and leak-proof design can also accommodate our additional sport top and tea filter.

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A Hands-Free Pet Hydration System


Highwave designs and patents the AutoDogMug®, the first travel water bottle for pets.

PROBLEM: Keeping your pet hydrated while you’re hiking, biking, driving, or just plain moving can be a monumental task. Doing anything while on-the-move is tricky, but handling water dishes and keeping a fur baby focused can feel almost impossible.

INNOVATION: The AutoDogMug® is specifically designed to make this process as easy and seamless as possible. Not only can the AutoDogMug® be operated with just one hand, but it also fits most all standard cupholders and features exclusive Highwave design that prevents any spilling or wasted water.

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The Last Lid You’ll Ever Need


Highwave invents a reusable silicone alternative to plastic coffee lids, the Earthlid®.

PROBLEM: It’s no secret that the worldwide use of plastic has become a wasteful industry, producing over 300 million tons of trash every single year. Coffee lids are a huge part of that, with over 25 billion landing in the ocean and landfills every year.

INNOVATION: The Earthlid® is designed to be the last lid you will ever need. Crafted using BPA-free silicone, the Earthlid® is designed to fit most all standard coffee cups or travel mugs. It is available in eye-catching colors and can be attached to many pieces of Highwave drinkware.